Our Interview with Frisco TX Dentist Andrew Chen

Running a successful dentist practice in one of the largest suburbs of the country can be a very difficult task. Not for Dr. Chen of Little. Big. Smiles.; a family dentist office located outside of Dallas Texas in a town called Frisco. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Chen and ask him for some helpful advice to give to other dentist who are not yet as successful as himself.

keep your head up - interview with frico dentist andrew chen

Frisco Texas Dentist Success Tips

Hello everyone, and thank you for having me on your wonderful site. I want to first off let everyone know that you can absolutely have a very successful practice, or even multiple successful practices.

The biggest piece of advice I can give to others is to just go into your office each day ready to win. Never go in to work dreading where your next patient will come from, or how you are going to keep the lights on. If instead you only focus on offering the best service possible to your current clients, more of them will continue to come out of no where! I have used this for my practice since the very beginning and it has worked amazingly for me.

I know that sounds like an extremely simple task, and that it won’t work, but just go ahead and give it a try!

Hope that helps – Dr. Chen

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To learn more about Dr. Chen and his offices, just visit his about page here: dentist frisco tx

Interview with Irvine Dentist Andrew Kim DDS

We recently sat down with an excellent dentist who is well known in the Irvine CA area, Dr. Andrew Kim and we discussed the importance of regularly seeing the dentist. Dr. Kim went into great detail on the impacts that our oral health has on our overall body and stressed the importance of seeing the dentist at a minimum of every 6 months. Here are some great key points that Dr. Kim made during the interview.

Irvine Dentist

First and foremost, Dr. Kim pointed out that many patients believe that when they go to see him or any dentist for that matter they think they are simply having their teeth cleaned and examined. Seeing the dentist is so much more than that. Dr. Andrew Kim explained that as a dentist he doesn’t only check his patients teeth. He checks their teeth, gums, face, neck, lymph nodes as well as lower jaw joints (TMJs). Going beyond that he also checks for signs of gum disease, loose teeth, tissues inside the mouth, tongue, bite, checks for tooth decay, broken teeth, damaged fillings, changes in the gums that cover the teeth, any dental appliances the patient might have, contact between the teeth and finally will take X-rays to see what his own eyes cannot.

Dr. Kim expresses the importance of having all of these factors checked when seeing the dentist as they can all have major impacts on the overall well being of a patient. He also says that going to the dentist and having these factors checked every 6 months should be an at minimum requirement. Kim then expresses the importance of the teeth cleaning he and fellow dentists preform following the exam.

Brushing and flossing teeth at home helps to keep plaque off of your teeth but you are not able to remove tartar at home. During your visit with the dentist, Dr. Kim explains that he uses a special tool to remove any tartar built up on patients teeth. This process is known as scaling and helps to lower chances of tooth decay. Once teeth are scaled they are then polished. Dr. Kim explains that a gritty paste is used to remove any surface stains from the teeth. Once this is complete the final step is to have the teeth flossed to make sure any build up is removed from in between the teeth.

irvine dentist

It’s no wonder that Dr. Kim is so well known in the Irvine CA area. He is extremely knowledgeable in his profession and is truly passionate about his patients and what he does. For more information about Dr. Kim and his practice check out irvine dentist for any questions or concern you might have.